Cyber Insurance Readiness Service 

How to protect your business and your client’s business 

The cyber insurance market is rapidly changing, and requirements of obtaining coverage are becoming more stringent.

What we offer?

Digetech Cyber Insurance Readiness Service includes all the assessments to help your organization understand if your cybersecurity program can meet these changing insurance coverage requirements.

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Digetech can help set your organization up for success when obtaining cyber insurance coverage, or to reduce the cost of cyber insurance premiums.

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Audit Standards

Our SME and CISSPs can help your organization assess and test against PCI DSS, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, and more.

Digetech Methodology

This two-week engagement combines a general risk level assessment based on the organization’s industry, size, and geography with cyber risk scoring domains to determine the risk posture for each domain and the company.

  • Review and Evaluation of electronic banking controls (If applicable). 
  • Review and Evaluation of the Business Continuity Program. 
  • Review and Evaluation of the Incident Response Plan. 
  • Review and Evaluation of the Backup processes and recovery processes. 
  • Review and Assessment of Continuous Vulnerability Management. 
  • Review and Evaluation of Email and Web Browser Protection controls. 
  • Review and Evaluation of the Governance, Risk and Compliance Program.
  • Review and Evaluation of the Policies, Procedures and Plan Lifecycle.
  • Review and Evaluation of Defenses against malware.
  • Review and Evaluation of the Data Recovery Capacity. 
  • Review and Evaluation of the Security Awareness and Training Program.
  • Conduct a Ransomware Readiness Assessment (RRA).
  • Determine the level of resilience against Ransomware. 
  • Determine the level of maturity of the organization. 
  • Determine how the organization compares to similar companies. 
  • Determine areas to improve.
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Cyber Insurance Risk

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Assessment Report

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Executive Summary

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Identification of current-capabilities and risk levels by domain

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Strategic recommendations for improvement

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Executive presentation

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Threat Assessment Report

Digetech is Your Trusted Partner in Cybersecurity

Digetech teams work side-by-side with insured clients to ensure they are ready for anything attackers may throw at them.

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