Ransomware Readiness Assessment Service

Ransomware is one of the biggest threats facing businesses today and has become a billion-dollar industry. To stop malicious actors from encrypting, stealing, or even publicly releasing confidential data under threat of ransom, all private and public organizations must evaluate the maturity of their IT environments and take a proactive stance against cyber threats.

The Ransomeware Readinness Assessment from Digetech

Determines how ready you are to prevent and defend against a ransomware attack.

We will help your organization identify your most critical business services and assess your business’s ability to quickly detect an attack, contain the damage to your critical systems, and highlight where to focus resources regarding backup/restore capabilities.

With Digetech Ransomware Readiness Assessment, we help mitigate risk by preparing organizations on how to prioritize efforts to reduce risk in the shortest time possible.

The goal is to prepare your business for this type of attack in order to minimize damage to business operations and reputation.

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How We Help?

Digetech helps organizations achieve this goal by performing ransomware readiness assessments, designed to build multifaceted defenses against ransomware attacks. We identify risks and opportunities for improvement across disaster recovery, backup processes, incident response, endpoint security, and much more, to ensure our clients are defeating hackers on every front.


To guarantee a comprehensive picture of ransomware readiness, Digetech performs a thorough review of an organization’s cyber threat response, including:

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Remote access

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Email and Web

Recurso 28

Application Whitelisting

Recurso 20

Endpoint Protection

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Employee Awareness Training

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Incident Response Plan

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Third party Vendor Management

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Vulnerability and Patch Management

Recurso 29

Access and Privilege Control

Recurso 32

Email and Web Filtering

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Network and endpoint monitoring

Recurso 19

User activity and Audit configuration

Recurso 23

Firewall and network device configuration

Data Sheet Ransomware

Digetech Ransomware Data Sheet

What we deliver

  • Readiness Finding and Recommendations- identify risks and security control gaps that may leave you more susceptible to attacks. You will receive a detailed Findings & Recommendations Report with suggested next steps to address identified gaps.
  • Ransomware Tabletop Exercise.

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