To ensure your data is secure, your business needs to complete Vulnerability Assessment.

Vulnerabilities Are Weaknesses in Your Defense. Eliminate Them.

Comprehensive threat and Vulnerability Assessment is essential to securing your organization.

Is a comprehensive evaluation of a system for exposed vulnerabilities without their direct exploitation.

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Digetech offers its clients a vulnerability assessment service, which is a comprehensive evaluation of a system for exposed vulnerabilities without their direct exploitation.

Cost effective, regular vulnerability assessments can be a useful tool in staying up to date when it comes to security.

Digetech vulnerability assessments help to:

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Identify gaps in vulnerability management processes on network-attached devices.

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Identify exploitable vulnerabilities, but also those that can be taken advantage of regardless of network perimeter.

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Identify malicious software or use of Windows services, PowerShell, or remote desktop protocol.

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A managed service tailored to your scanning requirements.

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External Vulnerability Assessment of your public facing systems & networks.

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Internal Vulnerability Assessment service – Designed to scan for and identify any vulnerabilities on your internal network and infrastructure.

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Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment at regular intervals.

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Vulnerability Assessment testing and reporting.

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Application and infrastructure vulnerability assessments.

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On-premises and remote vulnerability scanning / assessment.

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Option for Regular, Scheduled and On-demand assessment.

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Cloud Vulnerability Testing.

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Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

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Managed Vulnerability Service

Learn more about how we can safeguard your business with our Managed Vulnerability Service


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