Security Incident Response
Plan (SIRP) and CSIRT
Development Services

It Starts with a Carefully Crafted Plan

Digetech Incident Response development and review services ensure that you have a well-defined process following industry best practices for responding to an incident that could impact your organization.

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As part of these services, we:

  • Review and assess your existing incident response documentation.
  • Interview key employees and executives to gather additional information and perspectives on incident response planning, organizational roles, and responsibilities.
  • Review recent incidents to understand current processes and technologies in place to support a security incident investigation.
  • Create or update your incident response plan to align with industry best practices and senior leadership expectations.

Our goal is to help ensure you have a comprehensive plan with a well-defined process, pre-defined roles, escalation criteria and additional centralized information that allows you to effectively respond to incident.

Digetech Methodology?

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Digetech security practitioners work closely with your team to collect and review current incident response documentation, including any existing IR plan, associated processes and documentation related to recent incidents.

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Identify gaps in existing IR plans or processes.

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Understand current incident preparation level.

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Conduct interviews with information security personnel, counsel, PR, third-party service providers and others to gather additional information that can be leveraged into the newly defined plan.

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Incident Response Plan Development— Based on observations made in the data collection and information review phase, we create the incident response plan to document recommended roles and responsibilities, incident criteria, escalation process and additional details according to industry best practices. This plan includes the perspectives and feedback from interviewed stakeholders.

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Tabletop–Once your new incident response plan has been fully developed and approved, Digetech team recommends an optional IR tabletop exercise that allows us to develop a simulated incident that ensures knowledge and adherence to your plan. As part of this exercise, we develop a custom incident scenario for your organization and ensure that stakeholders fully understand their associated roles and responsibilities during the incident response process.

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Security Incident Response Plan (SIRP) and CSIRT Development Services

Digetech CSIRT Development Program Services

Security incidents may arise at any time. Attacks are often launched during non-business hours in an attempt to maximize the potential damage.

CSIRT operates as an extension of the contingency planning process due to its focus on preparedness for responding to threats as they arise. CSIRT provides the means for reporting incidents and for disseminating important incident-related information to the appropriate authorities and to customers of CSIRT.

Some of the areas we will help you:  

  • Prepare Your Team- Assembling your incident response team (IRT).
  • Assigning IRT responsibilities.
  • Determining authority to call an incident.
  • Establishing communications procedures and responsibilities.
  • Identify Potential Threats.
  • Define Containment Strategies.
  • Perform Threat Eradication.
  • Back and Recovery Planning.
  • Post-Mortem Procedures.
  • Gathering and documenting pertinent information.
  • Training and Education.

Learn more about how we can safeguard your business with our Security Incident Response Plan (SIRP) and CSIRT Development Services


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