Tabletop Exercise

Test and strengthen your cybersecurity strategy in a collaborative workshop

Digetech evaluates your organization’s cyber crisis processes to Detect, Respond, Investigate, and provide incident response awareness.

Our team will setup a Tabletop Exercise and guides your team through a targeted attack scenario that accurately and effectively mimics the experience of a targeted attack.

Tabletop exercises engage Incident Response Team members and help them manage their response to a hypothetical security incident and identify plan weaknesses to improve the team’s capabilities to respond to real security events.


Cyber Security Incident Tabletop Exercise allows users to leverage pre-built exercise templates and vetted scenarios to build tabletop exercises to assess, develop, and update information sharing processes, emergency plans, programs, policies, and procedures.

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What is a cybersecurity incident response Tabletop exercise ?

During a tabletop exercise, our security experts will come onsite/online to connect with your organization’s personnel, especially your IT department and any team members who would be responsible for mitigating and communicating during a cybersecurity incident.

Digetech will guide your team through a hypothetical incident scenario that originates at your helpdesk and escalates to the executive team. We then go over results and observations in an after-action discussion, and we compile a full report of your incident response preparedness.

This exercise is flexible to suit the specific needs and risks of your organization. You are welcome to include as many or few people in this incident response planning tabletop training exercise.

Benefit of a Tabletop Exercise

After working with our team, you will have a tested incident response plan, and you’ll know exactly what to do and who to call if the worst happens.

We are personable, experienced, and equipped to identify up-to-date challenges that you may not have considered. After a tabletop exercise with Digetech, our clients feel better prepared to handle real-world cyber-attacks.

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Digetech Tabletop Exercise

Exercise Process

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Scenario Development

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Validate Your Incident Response

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