Third Party Risk Assessments service

Digetech Third Party Risk Assessments service quickly helps identify your clients’ security gaps and have a better sales conversation. Digetech will guide remediation actions and prioritize preemptive measures to harden your customers’ ongoing environments.

Your organization’s cyber risk extends beyond your organization. Anyone you work with — anyone who has access to your organization’s data — has the potential to open your business up to more vulnerabilities.

With Third-Party Risk Management Services, we help effectively respond to Third-Party Risk Assessment questionnaires and conduct Third-Party Risk Assessments of your vendors, ensuring that critical data is secure

Digetech Vendor and Third-Party Management help businesses drive efficiency and cost savings, but they also pose complex, ever-evolving risks. The Digetech team can help strengthen TPRM programs or functions, systems, and technologies, assess third parties’ controls, and manage the risk of your third-party population.


What we do?

Our Third-Party Risk Management services are proactive, comprehensive, and actionable, empowering your team with everything needed to build a secure vendor network.

Digetech Methodology

To guarantee a comprehensive picture of ransomware readiness, Digetech performs a thorough review of an organization’s cyber threat response, including:

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Assess vendor profiles.

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Create third-Party Risk questionnaires.

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Develop remediation activities.

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Improve viibility into Third-Party vendor relationships.

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Deliver detailed risk reports.

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Provide ongoing support.

Data Sheet Enterprise IT

Digetech Third Party Data Sheet

How Your
Organization Benefits

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Protect critical data and your reputation.

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Maintain and enhance trust with customers.

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Scale vendor list with confidence.

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